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      IT to promote the "digital city" healthy development
      Date:2014-06-23 16:20

      IT to promote the "digital city" healthy development

      Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Urban Informatization Leading Group Office
      Department of Housing and Urban Information Center Director Nijiang Bo

      First, the field of urban and rural housing construction information is significant for the development of digital cities

      (A) the construction of housing and rural areas of information technology has great significance for the national economy, information society
      Information technology has brought the world's industrial revolution, and vigorously promote the information technology, the new era of urban development of new themes and new impetus to the overall situation of China's modernization is covering strategic initiative is to implement the scientific concept of development, building a moderately prosperous society, building a socialist harmonious society and building an innovative country's urgent needs and the inevitable choice. According to the information of the general requirements of the national economy, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban unified deployment, we are going all out to promote the construction of digital cities, using information technology to powerful effect, management and resolution brought by rapid urbanization planning, construction New issues management, public safety and social stability in areas such as produce, processing and solve housing construction and management of the real estate market regulation, supervision and construction of housing fund management and urban planning, construction, urban civil gas, water, sewage, garbage new problems gardens, heating, scenic spots, such as housing and urban construction management system facing the new era, the effective promotion of scientific decision-making at all levels of government, administrative reform, innovation in public services, the provision of quality public goods. Digital city construction will therefore play a key role in major urban modernization.

      (B) construction of housing and rural areas of information technology to promote digital city huge role in the development of
      1 major trends of e-government actions in housing construction industry with the rapid development of urban and rural construction. Development of e-government is a necessary requirement of the current economic and social development, but also an important figure in urban construction applications. E-government undertakes to promote the Administrative business transformation, the establishment of social credit system mission. From social issues, the basic management objects start, scientific analysis needs to ensure that data is true and complete, grasp the top-level design. Through integration of resources, unified data interface standards, information standardization, market specialization, the establishment of normal and orderly collection, development, analysis, transmission, distribution channels. Ministry of e-government and digital city construction has a direct and close relationship, becoming the action with great. I have completed the top portion of the design of e-government will gradually focus on housing tenure, physical engineering and urban and rural public facilities three main lines currently accelerating housing information system.
      2 construction industry information notable achievements. In recent years, information technology has greatly expanded in the field of housing and urban construction industry applications and deepen, especially on urban planning, construction and management to the city as a platform around the "digital city" the goal of building in urban areas is an important sector Housing and Urban Construction Under-driven e-government, industry, the rapid development of information technology, a large number of application of the results to be widely used in the industry. Computer technology, communication technology, network technology, geospatial information technologies, CIMS technology, computer-aided design (CAD) technology, IC card technology, automatic control technology and multimedia technology monitoring has been widely used in the industry.
      Conscientiously implement the decisions currently being deployed countries, accelerate the construction of housing information system, including affordable housing information, and individual housing information system (including information gathering, information exchange, data collection, analysis, early warning function of the real estate market to improve early warning and forecasting system) and Construction of housing fund management system, will increasingly move from top to bottom substantive housing and real estate industry, information technology made leaps and bounds, effectively promote the upgrading of scientific progress in industry restructuring and management industry.

      (Three) things such as a new generation of information technology in the field of urban and rural housing construction has been applied in various industries
      With things, the rapid development of cloud computing and other new generation of information technology, the field of urban and rural construction for the housing industry more in-depth information technology application brought rare opportunities. With the challenges of urbanization, transportation, energy, population, security, infrastructure and the regulatory aspects of rectification has become increasingly prominent, become more complicated. Currently, the neural network technology, fuzzy logic control networking technology and expert decision support system has been used in construction of digital cities.
      Application of a new generation of information technology, industry innovation management model. Housing sector ushered in a new generation of urban and rural construction of information technology to enhance the level of development of the industry networking and other applications experience historic opportunity, while facing challenges.

      Second, Some Thoughts on Digital City Construction under the new situation
      The next few years, will focus on the construction of digital cities from the construction of basic network applications, such as turning a public platform to deepen the integration of collaborative applications, and strengthen public services and emergency response capabilities and means.

      (A) promote public utilities digital information is the core of the city, especially e-government. To promote public utilities depth information resources development and utilization of public service information, and explore a variety of ways information service model, so that the city residents to convenient, fast, low-cost access to information and services provided by the Government. To make the information public service, government intervention in the market to reduce; simplify administrative processes government management; introduction of market mechanisms in government management, the implementation of government-led, market-oriented operation mechanism of public service enterprises to participate; the part of government functions to social transfers, more play the role of NGOs or civil society organizations in the public management; optimization of the organizational structure of the government, the government's decision-making and executive function, which enhances the transparency of government management and so on. Only the government's public service initiatives and promote government information technology, the development of e-government combine to make people truly enjoy the fruits of development of digital cities.

      (B) construction of digital cities can improve the efficiency of city departments tube, saving management costs; able to make the masses of urban residents and the problem quickly resolved. Optimize the urban management system, recycling urban management processes by means of information technology reform, urban management realized from extensive, blind, backward way to efficient, agile, precise changes in the way. Digital City to use information technology to achieve real-time transmission and processing of information in the whole process of urban management; achieve positive interaction technical support system, system security technology applications; support endogenous evaluation of the entire system reengineering, systems; support accurate, agile management methods , so that demand-led information technology, driven by government management efficiency. Information technology to drive change in the city urban management model of scientific management has taken a big step forward, with a broad development space. Digital City as a starting point to optimize the internal structure of the urban management should gradually clear planning framework for the construction, management functions assigned, focused on solving urban prevalent in the past "light planning, heavy construction, light management" problem. Urban management model innovation will function settings, ideas established, organizational design, methods, design, incentive and restraint mechanisms aspects of the design, management object precision, the application of information technology to play a greater role, will further strengthen the government's public administration and social service functions, to the establishment of urban management mechanism.

      (C) the digital city information resources in the process of accumulating information only to information resources development and utilization-oriented, comprehensive benefits can be improved. If fragmentation, fragmentation, is bound to affect the unity and coordination of construction of digital cities, resulting in duplication of investment, resource waste and chaos. In addition, the city public information platform construction progress is slow, the content of public information services, quality and efficiency needs to be improved, the performance evaluation of digital cities lack of suitable ways to further promote greater difficulty and resistance.
      (D) With the rapid development of information technology and its application in the deepening of the digital city construction, information security has become a matter of the city's economic and social stability of the major problems. Increase support for innovation, the development of proprietary information security industry, is a new way to protect the safety of city informatization construction. The next few years, things in depth comprehensive urban transportation applications, building energy monitoring system, integrated service platform construction and construction of digital cities throughout the information security industry will have higher requirements, must pay attention to the safety of networking technology, establish a complete, application of information technology security system with independent intellectual property rights.
      (E) our country is undergoing major changes and the process of urbanization, large integration, high integration opportunities, services, information technology is an important part of community building, community building is a modern propulsion. Due to fast urban expansion, new suburban communities from rural zones assigned to direct the city, many of the differences between urban and rural areas in the history, culture, environmental resources, economic conditions, hardware, etc., must local conditions, step forward. Community should focus on improving service information deepened through the establishment of information services platform to provide public, management, convenience, e-commerce and other information services, residents and community information to establish interaction channels, improve the level of information technology community.
      (F) In the digital city construction, city card described as thriving, after more than ten years of development, with remarkable results. From the initial application to the current individual cities more than 400 cities applied; from simple memory card into the smart CPU card; issuance volume from tens of thousands to more than 200 million; from no technical standards to have more than a dozen countries, industries standard standard system; applications from a single bus to diversify the application covers more than 40 areas of integrated transport, utilities, landscaping, intelligent building, digital community, parking management, property management, small consumption; With the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the establishment of the North Bay, the Bohai Sea, the West Coast, Northeast, Central and Western regional economic circle, the city became more and more people in the hands of travel card, essential for business, and began large-scale cross-industry, cross-regional applications, IC card from the city to a single application across the city, across the region and nationwide interconnection application, then the next step to building a harmonious society from the height and meet the needs of society, such as the rapid development, handling urban economy, transportation , interoperability of information between issues. We must build a city card service platform interoperability, deepen information services, offsite, clearing settlement of cross-industry applications, which we should work together current and future development efforts. Just start the interoperability work, will greatly promote the city pass card applications to a new level, to improve the level of economic development and government to facilitate people to travel, to achieve cross-regional clearing settlement with a third party to provide the consumer with a milestone meaning.
      In the intelligent building, through networking technologies and applications in business intelligence architecture, realization of "intelligent building", "intelligent buildings" integrated "green, energy saving, safety, environmental protection" and "tube, control, camp" . By building an integrated information service platform construction and residential area for the owners to provide comfortable, convenient, safe and green living environment. By household appliances, security equipment, lighting and other equipment monitoring and management, provides comprehensive service information for the owners to realize people's lives convenient, comfortable, convenient, safe and enhanced quality of life happiness index. July this year, the Ministry recommended I have an alternative in this year's 863 projects approved, support the implementation of the "smart home integration technology and cloud services platform is based on Internet of Things" issue.
      On the regulatory energy saving green building materials, electronic tags supervision by planning to build a service platform, using electronic tags to identify energy performance based on a regulatory perfect energy-saving green building materials, databases, and other energy-saving windows and doors to achieve green building materials, government and industry users service.
      Building energy efficiency through the use of sensors, information and communication technology, automatic control technology, wireless network technology and other networking technologies, the implementation of large-scale public building energy monitoring, building a large database of energy consumption, providing support for government policy-makers, to provide owners accurate and valuable operational data, timely resolve or reduce energy consumption, measures of energy consumption for large local or regional, early realization of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society goals.

      Third, the comments on the future work
      This year is the "second five" first year, digital city construction should firmly seize the things such as the new generation of information technology as a national strategic emerging industries favorable opportunity to "exchange, sharing, wisdom, Huimin" as goals, adhere to scientific development, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative.
      (A) the development of the standard, we should pay close attention to formulate and improve relevant standards, safety standards focus on the development of networking applications, good interoperability standard developed city card service platform data interfaces, communication protocols, etc., to strengthen the platform for the development of service specifications development of norms of the industry. Strive to the end of next year to complete the project of national standards 1 to 2, the industry standard of 1 to 2.
      (B) the key technologies in the field of city card interoperability and diversified applications, electronic tags, such as intelligent building, research, along with the development of information technology, we must find basically unchanged in existing systems, security mechanisms Under the same premise, development or integration of business systems, diversification of services, to form a local company for the service through the card body, involved in a number of service business model, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between the parties. Timely release guide the direction of the field of city card applications, such as intelligent building development report, provide a reference for development of the industry.
      (C) innovative service model, along with the work carried out interoperability, as soon as possible to establish interoperability product testing laboratory, for the majority of manufacturers and industry users to provide authentication services to ensure interoperability work steady, orderly way. Efforts to conduct intelligent buildings, electronic tags and other products, systems Evaluation and Certification research work. Pay close attention to the development of such a system file system integrators industry identification and management, regularly carry out various forms of technical training, to strengthen the management of industry practitioners to raise the overall level of construction interconnection systems, regulate the development of the industry.
      (Iv) research and development efforts in strengthening information security products, and promote the application of the industry, as soon as possible domestic cipher key system fully applied in the city card. Increase "traffic, access high security contactless IC card chip development and industrialization," the outcome of the subject application and industrialization of industry marketing efforts. Strive to use 3 to 5 years to achieve high security chip access control products in important places, public buildings, community full coverage application, pay close attention to online payment, mobile payment information security, increase research and development of core technologies to ensure normal social social and economic order, to create the conditions for the establishment of a harmonious society.
      (E) continue to intensify propaganda to promote pilot demonstration. Use of print, online media, take the site, internal communications, blog, professional conferences or forums and other forms of more comprehensive perspective of publicity. Or organizations to actively participate in relevant meetings industry, shaping the city pass card, smart card management of the construction sector. For forward-looking technology, implemented through pilot projects, pilot experiences, and to promote.
      Leaders, experts, comrades, in industrialization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, information technology background, "one card in hand, around the Divine" is the application of the vision of our future city card, we hope At the conference open your mind, brainstorming together to meet a brilliant future!

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