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      Canon inkjet printer into the community in Chengdu
      Date:2014-06-23 16:16

      Canon inkjet printer into the community in Chengdu

           Recently, Canon inkjet printer products debut in Chengdu, Chengdu Brilliant Garden City district launched the "photo would play out, Canon Households" activities. During the event, Canon provides not only for the district and surrounding residents the opportunity to shoot and print family photos, the site also offers a "community convenient mobile printing point" service, by Canon in some communities surrounding or property management point can conveniently print users put family photos printed.

           The Canon exhibited in Chengdu communities rich models suitable for home users: SLR photo machine MG7180, eBay photos machine MG5580, economical printing fax machine E618, economy student machine E408. In addition, home users can also download a rich variety of origami template printed on Canon Creative Park Fun Park website, print it out with a Canon inkjet printer. These rich inkjet printer products, but also so that we fully feel the "home printing, all in the canon."

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