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      Domestic 3D printer can output stem cells
      Date:2014-06-23 16:15

      Domestic 3D printer can output stem cells

      [Ta Kung Pao reporter Nan Yang Shanghai 26 (Xinhua) - Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Office on Aging, China Disabled Persons' Federation jointly directed "the Ninth China International Fair pension and medical rehabilitation" at Shanghai Pudong opened on the 26th, made the first 3D bio-printer to live the biggest bright spot. Which 3D printer 3D bio-printing to achieve artificial bones, break down foreign technical barriers currently being declared "National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program)."

      Which 3D printer from Qingdao Uniroyal Technology Co., Affiliated Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University (founded in 1920, formerly known as Bethel Hospital) to jointly promote.

      Uniroyal Technology Chairman Wang Hong, said a week ago this printer printout adipose stem cells, corneal stromal cells cultured for nine consecutive days, the success passaged three times and still remain active. This is the history of the development of 3D printing technology a qualitative leap.

      Affiliated Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, MD, director of orthopedic 王金武 of "Ta Kung Pao," said the official name of the technique is "based on research and equipment manufacturing a variety of cells and biological materials combined output of high-precision printing 3D printing technology." ─ Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University tenured professor Ke-Rong Dai served as technical adviser.

      Ke-Rong Dai also served as member of the Hong Kong Science Research Grants Committee, the overseas Hong Kong University of Science and Technology adjudicators, won Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Science and Technology Award, the first of the 3D printing technology in China orthopedic circles.

      Candice said, overwhelmed display 3D bio printers, can help patients "reborn." As a result of micro-voltage injection technology to solve biological scaffold structures necessary for cell survival and gradient precision microporous two problems, the use of sterile thermostat to control the ambient temperature, both the scaffold curing, but also to ensure cell survival.

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