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      Color laser printer works resolved
      Date:2014-06-23 15:42

      Color laser printer works resolved

      Imaging principle color laser printer and monochrome laser printers are the same, is the use of laser scanning, to form a charge latent image on the drum, toner and adsorption, and then transfer the toner onto the paper, but only black and white laser printer a black, toner, while color laser printer you want to use yellow, magenta, cyan and black toners of four colors.

      Four colors, color printing should be four print cycle, based on CMYK colors, each handling a different color. The four print circulation handled in two ways, one is the use of transfer tape, each dealing with one color toner cartridges go from the transfer belt, and then clean the drum reprocessing one color, the last in turn Indian belt to form a color image, and then once transferred onto the paper by heating fixation; there is a way some of the methods used by HP color laser printer, and finished with a color toner cartridge on adsorbed on , followed by treatment under a color, and finally transferred to the printing paper once. (Do not know what skills to avoid adsorption HP toner cartridges influence on subsequent laser scanning).
      Cyan Magenta
      Black yellow original image

      The key technology is a color laser printer color synthesis. Although theoretically yellow, magenta, cyan, black four-color can be synthesized thousands of colors, but the solid color toner how to mix the two colors of light beams do not like sinks together so simple. Early color laser printers use the halftone technique in dealing with each point color toner is only a "yes" and "no" two states, due to the toner particles are very fine print "point" can be compared to "pixels "Many small by printing dots of different color combinations to determine a" "final color, such as a colored" pixel dots "may be the same as the figure below from the many yellow, magenta, cyan" Print Point " arrangement filled:

      A printed letter so perhaps magnified look like this:

      Due to the limited resolving power of the eye, a variety of color points in the synthesis of a color vision. This principle-color inkjet printer is the same, it is easy to realize the advantages and disadvantages are just the actual print results of four colors of ink dots, rich color in the visual synthesis only, not continuous hue.

      As technology continues to progress, today's color laser printer toner can be controlled not only the presence or absence and how much, but you can control the size of the colored dots and shading by the length of the laser irradiation time at that point how much toner is applied at one point decided that each color can have a concentration of 256, and a different color toner can be superimposed in the same position, and finally fused together in the curing time to form a true color dot print out continuous hue.

      For example, to print a green dot, can be on a yellow point in adding some cyan toner, color depth is controlled by the ratio of these two types of toner, and finally when fixing two color toner while melting, mixed together to form a truly green dots, rather than a collection of yellow and cyan points:

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