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      Security strategy to protect the printer
      Date:2014-06-23 15:40

      Security strategy to protect the printer

      Mitigate security risks there are many ways to bring the printer, as follows:

      Keep the printer software updates, like other corporate network computers, routers or other devices, printers will have vulnerabilities, ensure timely repair these vulnerabilities.

      If the printer can be wireless access, make sure your wireless network is via WPA2 (not WEP) to protect.

      Of course, you also need permission to use the network printer settings, and those who may or may not send and manage print information. So that everyone can print information may be convenient, but not safe.

      If the printer allows you to bypass its internal hard drive, print directly from RAM, then choose this setting, and make sure there is no printed information on the hard disk, but this setting will affect the performance of storage.

      If you choose to print information stored on the hard disk, make sure to use strong encryption to protect the information, such as AES.

      If the printer allows you to print (or scan or fax, then the device if it is one) immediately after the re-write data.

      Some companies printer can be set to enter a password, insert your smart card or biometric system to print the information. This requires the user to physically access the printer to provide authentication information, such consent can reduce the risk of legacy print documents.

      Use no "re-print" function printers, or allow you to turn off this function printers, to prevent others after the user has to re-take the print file to print.

      Use account function, display the user name, date, and print time, to track this information.

      When buying a new printer, be sure to check the configuration of the security features of these devices. Many printer vendors enhanced security features, and built-in security software to prevent unauthorized configuration changes against virus attacks and encryption of information stored in the printer.

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