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      Printer paper was favored by the market, the next great development potential
      Date:2014-06-23 15:37

      Printer paper was favored by the market, the next great development potential

      With the upgrading of finance, taxation, postal services, transport, catering and other industries continue to bill printing service requirements, the industry-specific bills in recent years become a hot print printer on the market, check with a ticket printer portable receipt printer, with the financial restaurant shop with a small thermal ticket printer, etc., receipt printer with its unique applicability gradually recognized by the market, unique in the print industry in the market.

      Public service market demand huge potential industrial development

      Retail, healthcare, logistics and other industries to accelerate the pace of information technology services, will undoubtedly bring new life markets. Tax invoice printing, POS receipt printing, food service ticket printing, financial transaction printing, printer paper are indispensable. In addition to traditional market demand growth, prosperity and self-service terminal industry in recent years, also have some impact on the market development. Such as: ATM, queuing machines, self-service payment machines and other self-service devices ticket printers.

      And with the domestic public service continues to increase, the demand of various industries have gradually diversified. Portable receipt printer needed police and other government departments to the scene a ticket, corporate finance office desktop printer paper required, then there are the above-mentioned Queue embedded devices such as printers and other bills.

      In addition to a variety of market demand, consumers also notes the printer on performance is also made more demands. Such as food and beverage industry, the kitchen needed a ticket printer requires paper with anti-oil, functionality, taxation, postal receipt printer handy little window requirements, multi-functional.

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